“Dad, where are you going?” This is the question that young Natty asks her father as he prepares to leave. The family has just moved into a new house and Natty’s father is leaving for work. Her mother has already left for work.

In this episode of “Where Are You Going, Dad?”, Natty learns about what it means to be an adult and how adults balance their busy lives with being good parents in order to take care of their children.

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I recommend that teachers show the first episode of “Where Are You Going, Dad?” during a lesson on gender roles or family dynamics because there are lots of examples for students to draw from as they discuss these topics.

Teachers may want to view the entire series before showing one video so they can plan ahead which episodes best match up with the class’s needs.

There is also a free workbook available at __ to help guide further discussion following each segment after viewing them.” “Dad, where are you going?” 


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