Daddy where are we going?

father and son, walking, railway @ Pixabay

The little girl was so excited. She had no idea where they were going, but she knew she would love it. The father smiled as he watched his daughter from the rear-view mirror. He loved to see her face light up with joy and excitement.

forest, path, trees @ Pixabay

As they turned onto a dirt road in the middle of a forest, she gasped out loud with wonder at all the trees and bushes that surrounded them on both sides of the car window. It seemed like forever before he pulled into their destination: an abandoned amusement park!

I don’t know what you’re waiting for? What are you doing tomorrow?” “You should come too!” “No way.” “Why not?” asked Katie eagerly while biting her lip anxiously. “You know I don’t like heights. That’s why.” “Don’t be silly! You’ll love it! It’s so much fun up there!” Katie exclaimed adamantly, trying to convince her dad with a little bit of blackmail.

“I bet you won’t even notice the height once you’re on the ride,” she added slyly as an afterthought and grinned at him knowingly from across their kitchen table.

He could see that his daughter had already made up her mind no matter what he said or did, but he wasn’t sure if this was something she wanted just because all her friends were going to, or whether it really was right for her?


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