Daguerreotypes are made on ________?

borgward hansa, isolated, oldtimer @ Pixabay

What is a daguerreotype?

It’s one of the first forms of photography that was invented by __. Invented in 1839, this process involves taking copper plates and coating them with silver to create an image. These images were created on glass or metal sheets.

The process of creating these images is very detailed.

First, the plates were polished until they became mirror-like and then a chemical was applied to both sides of the plate to coat them with silver.

Next, an iodine solution would be used on one side of the plate as well as mercury vapour (the fumes from heated mercury) which created a reaction that turns into liquid droplets on the surface of the other side.

girl, dark hair, hat @ Pixabay

This creates what we know as “daguerreotypes.”

The first daguerreotype’s image had details down to each hair follicle! You can see why this new invention took off so quickly….they looked CLEARER than ever before! __(description). The downside?


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