Daiso soft clay where to buy

art, pottery, clay @ Pixabay

Where do you buy your soft clay?

When I was in Japan, I found that there are many stores that sell it. However, one of the most popular and commonly known for selling this product is Daiso. This article will share my experience with buying soft clay from this store. I went to the store and found that they have a variety of colors available.

clay, pottery, hands @ Pixabay

I was able to find some green, dark brown, light yellowish-brown, pink with white stripes on it, and even black in one section of the store! You could also buy these by weight or by piece (most were about $0.30 per ounce).

The cashier asked me if I wanted her help carrying my purchase out but since this is just for personal use at home, I said no thank you. So when can we start making our pottery? Well as soon as we get back from Japan 🙂 Just kidding – there’s still research to do before then so stay tuned for more updates here! In the meantime though..


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