Dallas can academy Dallas tx

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Dallas Can Academy is the premier place to learn about canning. This school offers classes and demonstrations on how to preserve your food for years to come. There are many different topics covered, including water bath canning and pressure cooking techniques!

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The goal of Dallas Can Academy is not only to teach you what you need to know, but also give you hands-on experience with a variety of methods so that you have confidence in all aspects of preserving foods at home.

– Classes are available for all levels, from beginners to experts. – Dallas Can Academy offer classes on canning basics, pressure cooking techniques and more! – The school also offers demonstrations of the different methods so that you can see how it’s done in person.

Prepare your kids this summer with a day at the farm or learn water bath canners basics during class time! In addition to teaching people about preserving food, Dallas Can Academy is one of the few places where children who live near city limits have access to fresh produce grown locally by teachers and volunteers.

This program was built collaboratively through partnerships between farmers’ markets and schools as well as community organizations such as Trees For Kids Right Here (TKRH).


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