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Danger Will Robinson! The robots are coming for our jobs!

The idea that machines will take over the world is not new. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, we have been hearing about how technology would eventually replace human jobs and make us all obsolete.

But this time it seems like it may be true. With so many companies investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies to automate tasks, what is going to happen if they succeed? We could be seeing a future where AI does everything from running factories to driving trucks.

And while there are some people who welcome such a development, others say that it’s really dangerous-and with good reason too!

[..] This article will explore the myths and truths about AI. It looks at how automation could affect our lives in both positive and negative ways, what some experts are saying, as well as a few ideas to prepare for this dramatic change.

The first myth is that machines can do everything better than humans.

Yes they can! But machines don’t always work when there’s no power supply or internet connection; they need human input to learn new things like speech recognition (which still has many gaps), etc.;

and typically require maintenance throughout their lifetime unlike robots who just keep on working indefinitely-making it hard to justify their cost. In fact, evidence suggests that only one third of current jobs are likely be automated with today’s technologies


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