daniel caesar who hurt you?,

daniel caesar

Who hurt you? In Daniel Caesar’s song, “We Find Love,” the artist is asking this question.

As he continues to sing, he realizes that all of his friends and family have been hurting him in one way or another. His mother yells at him too much, his father doesn’t show up for events, and even his girlfriend leaves without saying goodbye.

He decides to stop caring about those who hurt him and focus on those who love him instead. Yet every time I hear this song while driving through the city with my windows down in the summertime heat, I think about how it applies to our country right now.

We are living in a time where we find hatred rather than love for each other.

It seems as though those who have the power to make a change are harming rather than helping. I find that this song speaks up for all of us when we cannot speak at all. The lyrics “We found love in the strangest places” feel like an ode to those feeling lost and alone, but never giving up hope because there is still someone waiting for them somewhere if they keep going on their journey.

In Daniel Caesar’s words, he asks himself where he’ll go from here after our country has hurt him so many times over his lifetime-he doesn’t know yet, but we can be sure it will be with purpose and conviction just like his music. His passion is contagious and I recommend listening to any one of


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