danny gokey i will not say goodbye,


Danny Gokey is a singer/songwriter and American Idol contestant. He recently released his first book, I Will Not Say Goodbye to You which discusses the beauty of marriage in all its forms. In this article, we will discuss Danny’s story of marriage and the parting:


1) How has your own experience influenced your perspective on love?

2) What are some lessons you’ve learned about love from other people’s stories?

3) What do you think makes a marriage work? Danny has faced many challenges in his life, but marriage is one that he would consider a success. He and his wife Aimee have been married for over 12 years now. They were friends before they dated and maintained their friendship after marrying as well. Danny shares the story of how God helped him to find love when he was at rock bottom: “I had just turned 20 and I really wanted to be loved unconditionally by someone who could see past my mistakes… The first time we talked on the phone, I knew she was it.” Their relationship led them both back into church where they met each other’s families. Over time, Aimee became more involved with ministry work while Danny expanded his career singing professionally all across America.


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