Luck is an essential part of Dark Souls 3, and impacts the gameplay in big ways.

This article will talk about how to increase your luck stat by exploring hidden areas, getting certain items, and using specific weapons or spells. Read on for some tips that can help you get a little bit of extra luck! 

When exploring hidden areas, you can find some items that will increase your luck stat. These include the Horseshoe and a Holy Candle. Look for green or gold symbols on walls to indicate where these items are located! 

You can also get certain weapons with increased Luck stats if you use them often enough:

The Crystal Ring Shield increases your Luck by 12 per kill when used in conjunction with an Estoc weapon; similarly, the Grass Crest shield raises it by five points each time its magic barrier is broken while blocking. 

If you’re looking for more general ways to boost this stat, try using spells like Force or Chameleon throughout playtime–luck is raised whenever damage is done but not received during battle!


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