This guide is for dark souls 3, and will show you where to farm titanite chunks.

If you’re looking for the best place in a certain area, scroll down to that region’s section. Some of these tips may seem repetitive, but I wanted to make sure they were all covered!

#1: The Catacombs – There are four locations with titanite chunks here: 1) On the first floor near the entrance; 2) on top of a pillar near a bonfire; 3) In an alcove on the way up from the first floor; 4) in an urn at the bottom of a ladder near some rats. ..

All of these chunks respawn after you leave the area.

So if you’re farming for titanite shards, this is a great place to get them! This was my favorite spot in all of dark souls II. I hope it becomes yours too. Happy hunting!  thing about writing long form content is that there are no rules and every sentence should be unique but easy to read


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