Where to go after Yhorm?

face, soul, head @ Pixabay

Yhorm the Giant, one of the Lords of Cinder that was left behind to guard Anor Londo. This article will focus on the fight with Yhorm and what happens after defeating him in Dark Souls 3. Yhorm the Giant is one of the oldest and most powerful creatures to exist in Dark Souls II. He resides in Anor Londo, guarding a set of huge doors that lead to his home Firelink Shrine.

Yhorm’s appearance looks like an armored giant with sharp blades on its arms and hands rather than fingers. The sword it wields appears similar to a longsword but has more width at the base while also being much longer as well. This fight is different from any other boss battle because you will be fighting him without having much room for error Рtoo close or far away, he can kill you easily; so your only chance is striking when he swings his blade down onto either side of himself.


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