Who is Sen?

This question has been on the minds of many people who have played Dark Souls. What does this character do in the game? Who are they to you, and what role do they play in your life as a player? The answer is surprisingly simple.

fantasy, spirit, nightmare @ Pixabay

In fact, it’s all right here for you to read. The truth is, Sen doesn’t really have much of a story to tell. All you know about this character is that they are an NPC who greets the player in Fire link Shrine and provides them with useful information throughout their adventure. Beyond that we don’t know anything else- not even what gender or race Sen belongs to. It’s all up for speculation at this point.

All we do know is how helpful Sen can be during your travels through Lordran, so make sure you take advantage of their services when it becomes available. They may just save your life one day. In addition, we also know from the lore after defeating Gwyn (which I won’t spoil here!) that he/she was found by King.


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