This is a blog post about camping tips for Darkest Dungeon. It includes insights into how to camp in the game and what are some of the best strategies. This is an article with useful information that will help you learn more about this game. I recently came across a game that intrigued me.

teepee, night sky, stars @ Pixabay

It was called Darkest Dungeon and it is a turn-based RPG dungeon crawl with grid-based combat. What makes this game unique though are the psychological elements of fear, uncertainty, hunger, exhaustion and stress as well as permadeath in which your characters can die permanently if they suffer from too much trauma or you run out of time to achieve an objective.

The idea behind this game was so intriguing I wanted to learn more about how it works. A few months ago when my youngest son asked for help setting up camp at night while camping near Skokie Illinois we used some tips he learned playing his new favorite video game -Darkest Dungeon. 


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