Darrius brook’s your will

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Darrius Brooks is the president of will and a woman with a vision. She has built her business on relationships, integrity, hard work, and dedication to service excellence–all the values she shares with you in this book.

If you want to know more about Darrius Brooks or if you’re looking for inspiration from one of America’s most powerful women entrepreneurs, then start reading!

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The book is called “Your Will” because it reveals to readers the life-changing power of will so that they can also change their lives.

The lessons in this book are based on two foundational principles: wisdom and love.

Wisdom comes from living a long time, and love is all about relationships–the most important relationship is with oneself. There is no better way for you to start changing your own life than by reading these words!

Darrius Brooks has been challenging herself for decades as she’s led her family through various economic recessions and changes in culture while continuing to grow both personally and professionally. She knows how to use setbacks as an opportunity for growth, which has enabled her not only to find success but help others do the same.


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