Data are made anonymous by?

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The data you see on the screen is made anonymous by assigning it to a unique database ID. This ensures that your privacy is protected and that nobody can trace any of the information back to you.

To make sure that this happens, we have assigned each entry in our database with a random number that functions as an ID. You will never know who entered what information into our database or how they did so – but rest assured, your data are safe!

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How do you know your personal data is safe?

We make sure that all information entered into the database are anonymous by assigning them to a unique ID number. You will never know who enters what, but rest assured, it doesn’t matter because we have taken care of making sure nobody can trace any of the information back to you!

What if I want my data removed from our database or edited in some way?

If there’s something private about one of your entries and you don’t want anybody else to see it then just enter “private” when asked for why. This ensures that only those with access rights can view this entry. 


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