I remember the first time I saw Dave Hollister. It was at a club in Washington, D.C., and he had this amazing voice that made me want to dance all night long. He walked around the stage, singing his heart out and leaving us with goosebumps. Then one day it happened – dave Hollister can’t stay anymore…

But before I tell you about how he left my life forever, let’s go back to when we met for the very first time. I heard from someone who knew him well (and still does) that Dave would always say “debts don’t last.”

And now looking back on what has transpired, it is so clear why Dave couldn’t keep staying. Dave Hollister can’t stay.

Dave Hollister can’t stay any longer. I remember the first time I saw him, and how his voice would make me dance all night long.

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I remember the first time he left my life forever – what day that was, or even why it happened.

But before you find out about when we met for the very first time. Let’s go back to where it all began

Possible Next Sentence:

What did happen?

Why didn’t he say goodbye?

Could there be a chance of seeing him again someday soon? All these questions were running through my head every second of every day.


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