Where are you going?

Dave Matthews Band’s first album since the death of founding member LeRoi Moore is an ode to his legacy, a summation of what he meant and how much they will miss him.

The music is mournful but still joyous, which suits it well as the soundtrack for those college days where we were so sure that everything was possible.

The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society — The Kinks were in a state of flux during their late 60s golden period, with frontman Ray Davies pursuing his own interests and guitarist Dave Davies joining him.

guitar, guitarist, music @ Pixabay

Rather than continuing to release singles-driven albums, they opted for one long-form album that would encompass all of the styles they had explored over two years’ worth of recording sessions.

It’s an outlier now because it was released when rock bands were still releasing 45 RPM singles rather than full-length LPs. But at its time it reached #12 on Billboard’s top 200 charts while also garnering acclaim from critics. “Some People Never Learn” is perhaps my favourite song on this album;


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