Dave Matthews, where are you going lyrics!!

choir, singing, songbook @ Pixabay

Dave Matthews is one of my favorite musicians. He’s been rocking the guitar since he was a teenager and now, as an adult, he still plays his heart out. I’ve seen him in concert many times and it never disappoints! – – – I play the guitar.

guitar, music, band @ Pixabay

I have been playing for about seven years now, which is not very long considering Dave Matthews has been rocking out on the instrument since he was a teenager. Still, I love it and am always looking to learn new songs or techniques.

My favorite artists are Dave Matthews and Ryan Adams; they’re both amazing songwriters with really different styles so it’s fun to study their music!

Playing an acoustic guitar like this Taylor 114ce is one of my favorite things because you can feel the vibrations in your body while strumming across strings that produce the beautiful sound we all know from summer camp singalongs or watching Disney movies between commercial breaks.


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