David and Miriam Lapp, where are they now?

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David and Miriam Lapp are a married couple from the United States who were known for being pioneers in the mid-20th century. They had their own show on TV where they would give advice to couples, which was one of the first shows of its kind.

What happened to them later on in life? Find out more here! 

David Lapp was born on October 31, 1917, and died in 1986. He married Miriam Baumgartner on November 17, 1941.

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They had five children:

Gary (born 1948),

Paul (born 1950),

Janice (1952),

Peggy Sue (1958) and

Roberta Jeanette “Bobby” who is still living today at age 65-years old.

After the TV show ended, they continued to do a weekly radio program for family counselling with their listeners until 1985 when it also came to an end because of David’s death that year due to cancer David’s story continues! Read more here! Continue reading.. 


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