David duchovny why won’t you love me

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David Duchovny, the actor from The X-Files and Twin Peaks, has been in an on-again off-again relationship with actress Téa Leoni for more than a decade. Recently, he may have hinted that his feelings are more romantic than platonic.

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The actors have both moved on to other relationships (Leonard is married to writer David Henry Hwang) but they remain friends and seem committed to maintaining their long term friendship. Duchovny told US Magazine that “I think we’re better as friends.”

He went on to say: “We’ve always been really good at being friends,” which sounds like a coded way of saying he’s not interested in being just her friend anymore. “We’re old friends,” he said. “I think we love each other.” “We’re old friends,” he said.

“I think we love each other.” In the article, Duchovny also seemed to be hinting that Leoni was using him for his fame and fortune by following up with an offhand comment about her new movie and TV roles since their last breakup (she has starred opposite some big names including Hugh Jackman and


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