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Life is Strange: Chapter 1 is an episodic adventure game, where players take on the role of a high school student who discovers she has the power to manipulate time. This means you’ll get to rewind and fast-forward through your favorite moments from Max’s life!

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There are five different endings for each episode in Life Is Strange, so choose wisely when building relationships with other characters. You can even save at any point you want – or use photo mode to pause and capture those perfect shots.

In Episode One, Max’s school adviser tells her the story of Kate Marsh. After a traumatic event at Chloe and Rachel Amber’s party, she is left in desperate need of help from others – but most importantly herself. The decisions you make will have consequences for everyone around you as well as your own future.

When things don’t go to plan, it can seem like there are no good choices available.. But sometimes people aren’t who they first appear to be. Preview: Life Is Strange: Chapter one begins with protagonist Max having just been accepted into Blackwell Academy over Summer break after coming back from Seattle following an unexplained disappearance that lasted nearly five years! She has finally made what seems like a fresh start.. until everything turns upside-


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