Can I really change the world?

David Peaston is a 5th grader who believes he can make a difference. In this essay, David writes about how he can help his school and community become more environmentally friendly by starting with himself.

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As a child, I have the power to do what needs to be done. First off, I can always recycle my trash and use reusable bags when shopping. Next time someone comes up with an idea that seems like a good one tell them about recycling!

Lastly, you should never litter as it is terrible for our environment. These little things make a difference in everyone’s life and may even change the world someday! In conclusion, if we take small steps now then big changes will happen soon enough. Let us work together to keep this earth beautiful so that future generations might just appreciate how lucky they are for being alive on such a great planet! NEXT: __ __ __


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