Dayglow can i call you tonight?

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The phone rings. A couple of times. And then it stops, and you’re left wondering if they were going to answer or not. You want to talk tonight, but are they interested? You want to know, and you don’t feel like being left in the dark. But how do you find out if they’ll talk?

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Here’s a few tips that will help:

-If their phone is still ringing but no one answers, it means they’re actively considering your call. Too bad you didn’t wait around for them to answer! – If there is voicemail set up on their line, try calling more than once during different hours of the day or night so they have less time to evade your call.

The best way to get into contact with someone without seeming desperate is by giving them enough time to respond freely and choosing times when they are most likely engaged as well (ex., at work). It also


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