Many people love a good scary story.

Whether it’s about death, or something as simple as vanilla extract, these stories will give you chills!  Some people say vanilla extract is the smell of death. Others will tell you it’s a sign that someone has been in your home while you were away. It all depends on who you ask! What do YOU think?

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels have created a new flavor – Salted Caramel Pretzel. If this sounds like heaven to your taste buds, we don’t blame ya! We love these sweet and salty bites too! And if salted caramel isn’t for you, they also offer Traditional Cinnamon Sugar or CinnaMonPowdered sugar flavors at their stores nationwide.

The Guinness World Records is one of those things most people know about since childhood:

how high can the tallest person go, how long can the longest snake be and so on. But what is Guinness World Records?

The records are collected by a man named Norris McWhirter who founded his own company to keep track of these things back in 1959.

The next time you come across someone giving out Halloween candy, make sure it’s not something too sweet or sugary!

Sometimes we might want that last piece of chocolate but there are other alternatives if you’re looking for a healthier treat like pumpkin seeds.

They give your body some protein as well as heart-healthy fats! Instead of getting sick from too many sweets this holiday season, try picking up an alternative at any grocery store (or even convenience stores!) which will help your immune


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