death should not have taken thee!,


John Donne’s “Death Be Not Proud” is a poem that was written after the death of John Donne’s young son.

It has been said that this piece is one of the most significant poems in English literature and it has been analyzed by many critics who have studied its literary devices, imagery, and structure.

The poem tells of the speaker’s pain over his son dying too soon and how he wishes death would not come to him also. This is the second sentence of a long-form blog post. Continue writing to finish and provide more context for your content.

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The speaker talks about his sadness over death coming too soon and how he wishes it would’ve let him have some time with his son before taking him away forever.

He also mentions that while they were alive there was always a fear of death looming around them but now their bodies are dead for eternity so “death be not proud” because it does exist after all. The poem ends by saying that if everyone else dies then Death will


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