death where is your sting meaning,

skull, dark, pirate @ Pixabay

Death, where is thy sting? In a world that feels so full of life and possibility, it’s hard to imagine that one day we will all go the way of the dodo. The notion seems absurd – but death is not just for other people. Death happens to all of us eventually. And with this in mind, Sting explores what it means to die.

The Meaning of Death is not a morbid album, but rather an exploration of the idea. The music and lyrics on this album are hopeful and reflective in nature – giving listeners a chance to consider their own mortality as they flow through it like waves.”I think everybody kind of wants to know what happens after you die,” he says. “It’s just intriguing because everyone knows that at some point we’re going to be there.” Bored with life? Not so long ago I lost my muse. And then for twenty-six days I was dead. My head buzzed day and night with things undone; regrets, memories too sweet or sour, moments I would never see again..or maybe one more time: childhood summers


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