Debbie Does Dallas is a full-length version of the film that was released in 1978.

It’s also an action thriller comedy about a woman who goes on a quest to rescue her kidnapped sister, and winds up becoming involved with two hitmen along the way. This movie has been ranked as one of the best films of all time by many critics, and it went on to sell over 20 million tickets at theaters across America.

This remake includes new actors like Jessica Drake and Andy San Dimas portraying characters such as Ginger Lynn Allen from the original film series while retaining some old ones such as Bambi Woods playing Liz Taylor (reprising her role from Debbie Does Dallas II).

The original writer for this script is Ron Jeremy but it’s unknown if he made any changes to the script for this film.

The director of this movie was Tony Montana who has been in other films before, including one that won an Academy Award nomination when they were released in 2001 called Bringing Out Da Dead starring Nicolas Cage. This is just a summary of what happened with no spoilers so you can read more about


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