Debbie doesn’t do it anymore. That phrase has been uttered by millions of people since the 1950’s, and for good reason:

getting over Debbie is hard to do. The average person will go through five stages in their life after breaking up with a long-term partner: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

We’ve compiled some tips for moving on from your past relationship that you might find useful too! -Denial: In this stage, the person is in complete shock and disbelief at the idea that their partner has left.

They refuse to come out of a state of denial because it would just be too painful for them to accept what happened.

This can lead to feeling vulnerable and scared as they construct an image of themselves on their own without any support from their now ex-partner or friends around them. -Anger: When someone enters into anger during this phase, it’s usually directed towards themselves rather than others;

so instead of being mad at Debbie for not texting back right away after getting over her, you’re angry with yourself about how you let your guard down enough for Debbie to hurt you again. It could also


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