decide whether these proposed lewis structures are reasonable.,


If you have been tasked with deciding whether a proposed Lewis structure is reasonable, this article will help you do that.

Given the required information for each of the 11 steps, we’ll look at how to decide if it’s appropriate. For example, given an electron-deficient molecule and a proposed lewis structure, we can see if it has any resonance contributors or not.

Step One: Assign formal charges to atoms not in the periodic table. Step Two: Count up resonance contributors and assign them to appropriate bonds.

Step Three: Determine if all resonance-contributing structures are reasonable for the molecule, then select one that is most accurate but does not violate any of the rules from Step Four below.

If none can be found, or more than one violates a rule from Step Four, pick an arbitrary structure as long as it is reasonably accurate (i.e., satisfies two out of three criteria). Rules for selecting a Lewis Structure: A bond must point directly towards another atom with either no intervening electrons or only those on other single bonding pairs – this includes


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