The idea of free will has been a topic of debate for centuries. Some argue that we have no control over the choices and decisions we make, while others firmly believe in our ability to create our own destiny. It’s time to get an answer once and for all. Arguments for free will generally focus on the idea that a person is morally responsible for their actions and has control over what they do.

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Some believe in determinism, which argues that all events are predetermined by past events due to natural causes or laws of physics. This means your choices might not be as freely chosen as you think. Others argue against this because there’s no way to know with 100% certainty if someone else could have done something differently than we did.

(This doesn’t mean people don’t deserve consequences when they make bad decisions.) The answer? It seems like it really depends on how one defines “free”. Some define it as having total independence from outside forces, while others say it includes constraints.


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