Fact Check: 5 Common Misconceptions About Best Buy Milpitas

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Best Buy Milpitas has been a go-to brick and mortar retail location for California for many years. While Best Buy has recently expanded its footprint outside of the Valley, it hasn’t expanded its footprint into any of the top cities in the country. That is until recently, as it began taking into account the growing number of people living outside the region (or even the country) when it decided to close a sale that would have displaced many more people within the state.

The city of Milpitas is located across the street from the new Best Buy. Best Buy plans to expand next door. The idea is to take advantage of the proximity and have an addition to a shopping center, that is, something that can draw people not only from the city to the city but also out of the state.

As you may already have noticed, there is news about the closing of Best Buy in Santa Clara. It was one of a cluster of stores that was considered the first of its kind. There are many people from this region that work at Best Buy now as they try to locate a store that serves as their workplace location. It remains to be seen if the store will open a location here or in California because it is too soon to tell.

We present to you 5 things you need to know about Best Buy Milpitas – the store that closed and its closing plans… Old blog: Best Buy started in the mid-1960s when Best in the West was established. Best Buy’s primary mission was to promote the needs of the middle-class family, with emphasis on providing quality tools and electronics at a good value. These products were also available directly from Best Buy via its website.

Best Buy will close on Thursday, November 23, 2011. The official reason is that it is unable to attract enough customers who want to shop for both big and small homes. However, people are not buying just in their homes and in large towns, it’s just not a market that can be sustained. The company will stop sales on November 28, leaving some shoppers with nothing to show for their purchase.

With the news out that Best Buy is closing in Santa Clara (we hear it will close on November 22) are you thinking about going to the store just on your own or are you worried about the effects of the store going down? Many of you reading this blog know the struggles and pain that those of us in our 40s have with the shopping habits of our parents.

Best of Santa Clara.com.

It is great when the local news comes out that the store will not be able to be profitable, but the company is making an effort to stay afloat and to stay in business.


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