How Best 3d Printer for Miniatures Saved My Marriage


In my day, making miniatures was about creating something that you could take back to give as a gift or take outside of your home to sell as an object.

If you need to save up to buy something that is out-of-print and requires 3D printing, I have the perfect solution for you. I’ve been doing 3D printing for over 15 years now. I’ve designed and printed many thousands of 3D model kits for companies that have grown over the years. I have been printing since the beginning, and this experience has not changed in any way.

These are 3D kits that cost $10-30, depending on the design and the number of copies made. You are going to make 3 dimensional copies of the model and can send them out to interested parties. In addition, you can send your kits to anyone you feel is a good fit for your project and 3D Printing World will print your design and make it available to everyone.


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