How to Achieve Your Best Food for French Bulldog Goals in 2022

ice cream, dessert, food @ Pixabay

We know your best food goals are to be around 5 years old (around 4 months) or more. At that age, you will have an appetite. If you want to maintain your energy while you are growing in your old dog then you need to prepare healthier food. You are the one who really determines your food tastes. It matters to your dog, not us.

The French Bull Dog has only a few years in which to go to the grocery store and stock up on some food for this special holiday. I was shopping for him with his owner. (we’re a first-timer in this) He had a huge appetite because of the Christmas season and I could easily notice when he was full. So I had to watch him so he wouldn’t eat all the food I had prepared.

The French Bulldog’s annual diet changes from Thanksgiving to Father’s Day, and to Birthday. I bought him a pack for Father’s day and a pack of special breed food since he was not going to be eating it now anyways.

I was in a restaurant for the day for my husband’s 80th Birthday. To the surprise of everyone, I went for an expensive lunch and the restaurant staff told me that I should have called and had him brought to me immediately. I couldn’t say a word because of the food that had obviously taken its full effect. I would really like to thank you for the great quality of the food.

I was shopping for my husband, his trainer, and his friends in Washington D.C. for his birthday. The restaurant had him seated to my liking and there were enough tables outside to have more to do for the guests if the weather changed. I wanted to make our birthday special but since it was not too early for the festivities, we decided to wait until late afternoon and head to my favorite restaurant in Georgetown instead.

“Your most important asset is your love.” So said my wife, “If I could give just one thing to all of you, I would say to think it over and if you decide to make a go for it, you have to take a good look at yourself and not feel pressured by what you are supposed to do this week. Take your time. There is no pressure and if you don’t like something there are ways to solve it.


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