How to Master Best Korean Medical Drama in 30 Days


Now that you know, a better approach will be to take the advice of a trusted resource and master Korean medical drama in just 30 days! If there is a great drama on Korean medicine that should be taught, it is this one. With a detailed curriculum, this show can be taught in 3 months, with no more than a week for each episode.

Our show consists of a series of “seasons” that we release when you purchase the DVD. We feel each of the episodes is very good in itself so you would want to learn every episode and watch as many episodes as you can to gain a “pass” to master it. Be sure to purchase the DVD in advance to avoid missing a season or episode as well, just as you would do if you were to purchase the season set.

This series is very long-lasting. In total there are about 45 episodes so you will need to watch it more than once if you do not plan to master these episodes in 30 days, so you could still watch the entire series at the end of the course of 3 months by purchasing the DVD. There are so many episodes available on our website, you may not want to miss any of them.


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