Looking Ahead: The Future of Best Blue Hair Dye in 2022

hairdresser, haircut, hair @ Pixabay

Blue hair has experienced a lot of hype over the past couple of years, with many hairstylists focusing on this natural color as the latest trend for hair and a new avenue for women in the beauty world. However, there are a couple of downsides to using blue hair for the next two decades. For one, that hair has a very short shelf life compared to most colors.

Blue hair dyed in either light blue or dark blue was born with all of the hype, but there are downsides that mean that hair dye today is really just a trend item now, and we are not going to see a resurgence of the color in the near future. For one, the main benefits of blue for women are its vibrant, healthy, and shiny qualities. However, as a trend, it is very limited in its lifespan.

This is a good article from one of the top experts on this evergreen topic. When it comes to blue hair, she says that we are going to see more blue hair being used for a younger set of women, specifically those between the ages of 20 and 35, as it has an extended lifespan.

What does blue hairdo do for me? For hair colorists that have been doing it since the 1970s, the use of this trend is all the buzz as the use of light blue color hair is all about using bright colored hair with the intention to feel trendy.


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