Looking Ahead: The Future of Ed Sheeran Best Part of Me in 2022


Who doesn’t long to meet an Ed Sheeran song? But there is a better way to enjoy the man’s genius. Ed Sheeran’s debut album, The Best Part of Me in 2022, is the result of some innovative tech. The first layer of the Ed Sheeran’s device is a screen which contains just a few photos and the band’s lyrics on a tablet.

Even Ed herself is impressed, ” I’m not really into music but there’s a very exciting product in here. It’s a smart phone that could do a lot of cool stuff (as in I could get rid of my clunky tablet),” she said. It was also revealed that the Ed Sheerains latest track “Love Is a Game” has been named the fastest selling album for digital music. According to Ed she is looking to double its growth rate to double billion.

Ed Sheeran has already started to get some attention in the fashion world by releasing a line of products. She has now teamed up with the G-Star to show off her upcoming spring collection. On the front cover the G-Star have some sweet words and an Ed Sheeran lookalike.

The G-Star have given us these beautiful photos to look at for our first post to begin our celebration. We are so excited to share so much in this post with everyone who will be going to the Gala, we want to say thank you to all of you for being the best and most excited that we feel about this season. We are also giving everyone a chance for a chance to get a sneak peak of the first G-Star collection being released this season.

The Ed Sheeran Gala is back after a three month hiatus. It was revealed that the Gala will be a special night from the start and that it will be a night for fans of artists to celebrate their artistic success. Tickets for the event will be £400 and the tickets are free for anyone who purchased their VIP ticket when they made the final purchase for the Gala. The event will start at 6:30 pm at T.U.E.C.

It’s never fun to have your name in the record books for the dumbest song from a song’s opening notes. But at least we can at least get through the opening bars of The Only Song with A Chance.


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