The Role of a Sarkisian Wife: Balancing Tradition and Modernity


The term “Sarkisian wife” refers to the traditional role of a wife in Armenian culture, influenced by the patriarchal society and the values of the Armenian Apostolic Church. However, in recent years, the role of a Sarkisian wife has evolved to adapt to the changing dynamics of modern society. This article explores the historical context, challenges, and opportunities faced by Sarkisian wives, highlighting the importance of striking a balance between tradition and modernity.

The Historical Context of Sarkisian Wives

Armenian society has long been rooted in patriarchal traditions, where women were expected to fulfill specific roles within the family structure. The concept of a Sarkisian wife can be traced back to the early 20th century, when Armenian families were primarily agrarian and lived in close-knit communities.

During this time, the primary responsibilities of a Sarkisian wife included:

  • Managing the household: A Sarkisian wife was responsible for maintaining a clean and organized home, ensuring that meals were prepared, and taking care of the children.
  • Supporting her husband: A Sarkisian wife was expected to be a loyal and supportive partner to her husband, assisting him in his endeavors and providing emotional support.
  • Preserving Armenian traditions: Sarkisian wives played a crucial role in passing down Armenian cultural values, traditions, and language to the next generation.

While these roles were deeply ingrained in Armenian society, they also limited the opportunities available to women outside the domestic sphere.

The Challenges Faced by Sarkisian Wives

Despite the evolving nature of society, Sarkisian wives continue to face various challenges in balancing tradition and modernity. Some of the key challenges include:

1. Gender Expectations:

Armenian society still holds traditional gender expectations, which can place significant pressure on Sarkisian wives to conform to societal norms. This can limit their personal and professional growth, as they may be discouraged from pursuing careers or higher education.

2. Cultural Expectations:

Sarkisian wives are expected to uphold Armenian cultural traditions and values, which can sometimes clash with the desire for personal freedom and independence. This can create a sense of conflict and identity crisis for women who wish to embrace modernity while staying connected to their cultural roots.

3. Balancing Family and Career:

As societal expectations evolve, many Sarkisian wives strive to balance their family responsibilities with their career aspirations. This can be particularly challenging in a society where the traditional role of a wife is still deeply ingrained.

The Evolution of the Sarkisian Wife

Despite the challenges, the role of a Sarkisian wife has evolved over time to adapt to the changing dynamics of society. Women are now more empowered and have greater opportunities for education and career advancement.

Some of the ways in which the role of a Sarkisian wife has evolved include:

1. Education and Professional Development:

Many Sarkisian wives are now pursuing higher education and professional careers, challenging the traditional notion of their role within the family. This shift has allowed them to gain financial independence and contribute to the household income.

2. Redefining Gender Roles:

As Armenian society becomes more progressive, there is a growing acceptance of redefining gender roles within the family. Sarkisian wives are now encouraged to share household responsibilities with their husbands, allowing for a more equal distribution of tasks.

3. Embracing Modern Values:

Sarkisian wives are increasingly embracing modern values while still preserving their Armenian cultural heritage. They are finding ways to incorporate new ideas and practices into their daily lives, striking a balance between tradition and modernity.

Case Study: The Journey of Anahit, a Modern Sarkisian Wife

Anahit, a 32-year-old Armenian woman, provides a compelling example of a modern Sarkisian wife who has successfully navigated the challenges of balancing tradition and modernity.

After completing her education in business administration, Anahit pursued a successful career in marketing. However, she also recognized the importance of maintaining her cultural heritage and traditions.

Anahit actively participates in Armenian community events, volunteers at local cultural organizations, and ensures that her children are exposed to Armenian language and traditions. She has also established a healthy work-life balance, allowing her to excel in her career while fulfilling her responsibilities as a wife and mother.

Through her journey, Anahit exemplifies the possibilities and opportunities available to modern Sarkisian wives who embrace both tradition and modernity.

Q&A: Addressing Common Questions about Sarkisian Wives

1. Are Sarkisian wives expected to be submissive to their husbands?

No, the expectation of submission varies among individuals and families. While some traditional families may still hold this expectation, many modern Sarkisian wives strive for equality and mutual respect in their relationships.

2. Can Sarkisian wives pursue careers outside the home?

Yes, many Sarkisian wives are pursuing careers outside the home. The evolving nature of society has provided opportunities for women to pursue higher education and professional development.

3. How do Sarkisian wives balance their cultural traditions with modern values?

Sarkisian wives strike a balance by actively participating in cultural events, preserving Armenian traditions within their families, and embracing modern values that align with their personal beliefs.

4. Are Sarkisian wives still expected to prioritize their family over their careers?

While societal expectations may still place an emphasis on family, many Sarkisian wives are finding ways to balance their family responsibilities with their career aspirations. This often involves open communication and support from their spouses and extended family.

5. Can a Sarkisian wife be a feminist?

Yes, a Sarkisian wife can identify as a feminist. Feminism is about advocating for gender equality and empowering women to make their own choices. Many Sarkisian wives are actively challenging traditional gender roles and striving for equality within their families and society.


The role of a Sarkisian wife has evolved significantly over time, reflecting the changing dynamics of Armenian society. While traditional expectations still persist, many Sarkisian wives are embracing modernity, pursuing education and careers, and redefining gender roles within their families.

By striking a balance between tradition and modernity, Sarkisian wives are finding ways to preserve their cultural heritage while embracing new ideas and practices. The journey of modern Sark

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