The 10 Best Buy Lake Charles Products I Can’t Live Without


As someone who works in the city, I’ve experienced so many incredible products at the most amazing stores. But the best ones are ones you can actually use and enjoy without having to wait in line, or make the hassle of getting home too much of a bother. I have so many great products that actually work, and don’t sit in racks on shelves in a store for people to check off and spend hours on a shelf to try it out before buying it.

This blog is just as much a testimony of love and appreciation for this city. It is full of great new finds that will make Lake Lewisville‘s stores that much better for years to come. The most important of these for me is a new bike to replace my last. It’s also about time for me to start biking again. Ive been biking for over 15 years now, and it’s a good thing.

My first year of newness, there will be so much to share about. My biggest hope is that those who read this will share what an amazing place we all are and how important it is to love and appreciate where we are. I was reading this and it really resonated with me. Lets not give up. Let your love for us shine from each others soul, and never forget why we started this journey.

Let the sunshine flow! My newest hobby is spending time outside. This past summer I have taken over my yard and garden in addition to my usual hobbies, and have spent a great time building ramps, adding and landscaping for shade (no rain) and even got to sit on the porch at an estate sale and look under each hedge that I pass, the one over my neighbor’s. Its a great way to disconnect from our busy lives.


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