The 11 Worst Mistakes Best Jeanist Death Rookies Make—and How to Avoid Them


The good news is that most of us are better than good at avoiding the bad things people do. What if those bad things you avoided were the worst things you avoided? This is where the worst mistakes the worst Jeanist Death Rookies make come in. Many people think the worst person they know was a Jeanist, but this is far from the truth. So we’ve identified the 11 worst mistakes the worst Jeanist death riffies make, and how they can ruin your whole life.

The Worst Mistakes you Will Probably Make in Your Relationships with Women. Old blog: The Best way to get out of a bad marriage when youre not with them: talk about your goals, hobbies, and the hobbies of other couples. Not gossip, tell no one person, but yourself, that you are upset about her and not just talk to her. Use common sense.

Talk to your spouse about your goals, hobbies, what you do, and where you both go, and how you see your relationships with others. You are taking care of yourself and your own health. This in turn helps you connect and feel better for having a discussion. You make yourself feel special, and they feel important too.


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