The 14 Best Best Buy Gilroy Podcasts of 2021

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Our Gilroy, CA-based best of choice of 2021 is a weekly podcast with Gilroy resident, Dr. Richard Levesque (D.D.S.), along with Gilroy’s best friend and fitness expert, Daniel Stuck. The show is free and you will have an opportunity to delve into your wellness. This episode features Dr. Levesque’s expertise in a wide range of topics relating to fitness, weight loss, mental health, and more.

Find out the best fitness podcast episodes to listen to for one week at our Gilroy, CA podcast page on the best of 2021 site.

Learn at your own pace, find your personal voice and have fun doing it! The best part of listening to Gilroy Gilroy is that you can check-in and learn from your peers. No waiting for any scheduled topics to come on the show. Every Friday we will post on our Twitter site what our guest speaker had to discuss so you all can find out too! Old blog: Join Dr. Richard as he continues to tackle topics in wellness fitness.

Gilroy is a small town, but we are big fans of our radio show, “Gilroy Radio”. Find out all the great ways you can stay in touch and learn all about what everyone has been up to. Don’t miss the new free Gilroy Radio that gets added each week from the Gilroy, CA area. The following is an episode of “Gilroy Radio”: Episode #20.

Check out our previous episode, Gilroy Radio Episode 19. If you enjoyed the show, follow us to learn how you can keep track of your fitness, fitness goals, and exercise successes just like we do! 10 Best Workout Batteries We asked the experts to compare some of the best workout batteries and explain why they’re the best.


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