The 5 Best Best John Grisham Books Podcasts of 2021


Why we’re having so much fun with the Great American Novel’s greatest mysteries right about now. We’ve got six episodes of the John Grisham Podcast airing this month. It’s the final stretch of the season and we’ve got some great mysteries starting out as we go from one book to the next. Check in with us on iTunes, Pocket Casts, or the Great American Novel’s official web page for a great episode.

In John Grisham, the characters are not supposed to be perfect. Instead, it’s when certain characters choose to act against their own interests that they develop an imperfection that others will notice. Be that as it may, many readers and critics love to see these imperfections. So, while John Grisham is a master of creating characters who develop over time, we don’t intend for ‘him’ to be all bad all the time.


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