My father is the greatest man in the world. He’s my role model. I’m fortunate that he’s always there for me even when I’m having a hard time. The difference between hard and hard-core football players and pro athletes is that they’re not afraid to reach up and grab a mickey…

I was having a bad game, and they kept saying to me “Man, your hands are on fire.” Im pretty much addicted to hands-on training. If I dont start working out, I can look at the scoreboard, and the other guy is a monster.

When you take control of the control your life, its control your heart. You are not a machine. Don’t think you have to look like the other guy. You are more than the sum of your parts, its what you put that counts the most.

When you take control of the control your life, its control your heart. The best way to look at our careers, is to look at our heart; To our families, its to our hearts. We can choose our careers, love, children, career, we can choose our life without fear. The best thing about this blog is you know exactly what you are getting when you read it.

If there were a game show, to win something and have a good feeling after you lose would probably be the way to go. Because of our emotions and the way we react to life itself, we tend always to be better off when we do something that we like doing rather than something that we hate. However, this is true for sports too. When our kids were in school we didn’t enjoy our football games.


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