The History of Best Choice Realty in Under 10 Minutes

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Best Choice Realty is a real estate investment opportunity that we have been tracking for the last year or so. We use a proprietary scoring model to differentiate real estate that is high quality and low cost from those that are not. We are always looking at making the most of the space we have and we find that in order to do that we need to know what other people have been looking at.

We have put the best available data and have created a list of the top 30 properties in the city — 30 for the price of $250,000. Check out our Facebook page “The Real Estate Investment Trust List” and you will find links to every public listing of REITs, REIT stock price charts, and the company’s most recent financials. We think it’s a great platform to build out our own list on. You can access the list at

With the rising prices we see on the internet, our real estate is becoming more valuable and our tenants are staying longer. One of the biggest benefits to our rental property is the great customer service they provide. With a customer always on our side, we are proud to have had 2 customers stay with us on the same day for the price of the rental.

To be a good choice property manager; you want your tenants on the same team, on the same project. Our team needs to play well and we want everyone we employ as good citizens.

Your property manager needs to feel good about their company and the value you give the landlord. The easiest way to create that is with respect paid. We ask every manager for a letter. We create a business in our tenants because we all need to get out of our old comfortable shell and feel good.

Get the facts. “We are your partner, not your boss” and as a manager, we are always being asked not only for the facts but we are also being asked to help with the decision-making process. We need to be involved in our property’s future. That is why we create a strategic planning document for the property and all of its owners. The plan helps us determine what the new tenant will look like, how you are going to spend your money.

Many people ask us ”What is going on in your property management?” Well, first it is about creating a healthy office environment that keeps our employees busy and productive. We use things like conference rooms and board rooms in our offices for meetings and we have a board on each floor, and we have a weekly meeting, you are the first employee that shows up each Monday and you make the decision in that meeting on the best move forward, on what the best move forward is.


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