The Top 10 Traits Best Shortwave Radio Ceos Have in Common

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With so many products and apps competing today to lure away one’s attention, we all do our best to keep up with the current trends. In this day and age, it can literally seem impossible to find the information you need to make informed decisions about where to find the perfect shortwave radio. But, if you don’t like your news, then perhaps you should consider the Top 10. This list includes some of the best shortwave radio apps that have made their mark on the industry.

This list of 10 best shortwave apps has some of the top apps for broadcasting on shortwaves. This roundup will help make the best of your shortwave radio.

Make your own, take your time to research, find your radio station, and listen for a moment. Your job is to listen, watch, think, research, and create. If you spend your time only on your phone, you run yourself dangerously close to being a Luddite. You are an avid listener. You are a student of the medium and you know when to seek another source of information.

You are invited to join the community of the world’s best short-wave amateurs. Listen to your hearts’ desire in a world free from the distracting messages others send you in all aspects of life. Join us in discovering and being discovered by short waves.

You have more access to your favourite web shows when you get your smartphone to help you tune in to them. Find out what your favourite artists have had to say — or not have to say. That’s why we created the Top 10 best short-wave radio lists. Download this free app to get the tunes you like by listening to your favourite radio shows.


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