Whether you are a Pokemon fan or not, you can find all the top 6 apps for Pokemon right here. Whether you are the parent of a child that has a Pokémon obsession, are you a parent with a child that just likes playing with game apps, or if you’re looking for some entertaining videos that can entertain young kids and adults, these 6 top bug type Pokemon apps will take you back to childhood.

We all love the idea of playing with real-life creatures and have spent countless hours playing with the Pokemon games. There’s nothing better than playing with real-life beasts. Be it with Pikachu or Brock, there is nothing as funny as seeing a little puppy jump out of his basket or getting all the fish in the aquarium up in the air. If you’re having any problems with a toddler or your spouse constantly complaining that the games are too difficult, the Pokemon apps are your best friend.

I couldnt agree more with this. One thing I would want to point out is that the app has no ads! We as parents really need to get with the times and give our kids a real life adventure. The free apps are available for all Android users but if you have a family member that is more interested in the Pokémon genre than the more traditional games, I highly recommend using the free ones.


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