6 Reasons Why You Should Go To Holmes Beach

Do you live in Florida and want to have the best beach getaway, but you don’t know where to go? Well, traveling far to discover beaches won’t be necessary, because there is Holmes Beach! And this article will give you six reasons why you should go to Holmes Beach.

Holmes Beach is an astonishing town just off Anna Maria Island in the Gulf of Mexico. Holmes Beach is actually a popular place, and the beach features are perfect. Not to mention, the people, food, and fun activities that anyone can do are definitely one of the many reasons why you should visit it!

And if you want to stay there longer, there are Holmes Beach vacation rentals that are available for everyone, which can guarantee you that you can have the perfect beach unwinding. Here are six reasons why you should visit Holmes Beach:

1. You Can Go Fishing.

If you’re fond of fishing or you want to try it for the first time, Holmes Beach will fulfill your wish! A lot of people actually go fishing on Anna Maria Island, and it’s a spectacular place to fish because it definitely won’t disappoint. There are actually two piers on the island where people usually fish, but you can also go fishing on beaches where there are not many people. Or you can choose to rent a charter boat to go out into the waters to fish.

2. Holmes Beach Is Filled With Beautiful Beaches

Holmes Beach is not limited to one beach. In fact, there are lots of beaches that you can visit during your stay. One of the best things about Anna Maria Island is that the beaches are splendid. With its crystal-clear waters and white sand, it definitely won’t disappoint you! One of the most popular beaches in Holmes is Manatee Public Beach. The basic amenities are met, and not only that! You can also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities.

3. You Can Do Many Fun Activities.

Of course, a beach getaway is not complete without any fun outdoor activities. In Holmes Beach, various outdoor activities are present that will surely give you a memorable beach getaway! Some of these activities are water sports, such as parasailing, which is the most popular. You can also choose biking as an affordable yet fun way of exploring the beach area. You can also have a picnic with your friends or family and more! Whatever activity you choose, surely it will always be a fun experience due to the beach’s comforting and sunny ambiance!

4. You Can Visit Exquisite Shops.

Visiting exquisite shops can make your beach getaway more memorable, and you can also find a lot of things that you can buy as a souvenir or memory treasures. And Holmes Beach has these as well. There are gift shops, bazaars, clothing shops, accessory shops, and even furniture shops! Whatever item you’re looking for, Holmes Beach can provide it!

5. You Will Definitely Enjoy The Food.

Of course, who doesn’t love food? When you’re going on a beach getaway, having a delicious and exquisite menu to eat is always a crucial thing. But by going to Holmes Beach, you won’t have to worry about getting tasty food because both local and seafood menus can be found anywhere! The food definitely won’t disappoint, and you can also find a lot of dining spots anywhere in the area that will surely satisfy your cravings.

6. It Is Filled With Popular Tourist Spots.

Lastly, Holmes Beach is home to popular tourist spots that are definitely perfect for photos! Aside from being filled with spectacular beaches, Holmes Beach also has gallery walks, exhibits, bays, fishing charters, and other landmarks that will surely make your beach unwinding enjoyable and exciting. One of the most popular tourist spots in Holmes Beach is the Island Gallery West.

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