The Most Common Complaints About 8 Must-Know Camping Trends for 2021, and Why They’re Bunk

Even though camping locations vary, the adventure that you get from camping is unforgettable and worthy of your time and effort. Here are some camping trends for 2021 you should keep in mind:

Camping mobile apps

In this technology-savvy world, it was only a matter of time before some changes were made to camping. Nowadays, people are using camping apps to connect with other campers and find out the information they need.

Additionally, these camping mobile apps enable you to reserve a camping spot as well as get driving directions there. This has proven to be very important for many people, especially last-minute adventurers.


If you haven’t already heard about glamping, it basically means glamorous camping. Glamping is a much similar experience as going out camping in a luxurious resort. Nowadays, there are several camps that have been specifically designed for glamping.

For example, camping in blackwater falls state park qualifies as glamping because the site offers much more than just camping. There are other activities for you to enjoy as well like canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and mountain biking.

Minimalistic camping

Lately, people have developed a very strong opinion about environmental conservation. People want to utilize the resources around them wisely due to the prevailing environmental conditions. For many people, minimalistic living has become the new normal.

Minimalistic camping doesn’t basically mean carrying with you a few accessories and gear. Minimalistic camping is about taking with you the right accessories and gear, which are very lightweight and compact.

Eco-friendly camping

With the topic of climate change and global warming being on the lips of many people, people have become very devoted to taking care of nature and everything in it. This explains why you might have heard the word eco-friendly being used more than ever before.

Eco-friendly camping basically means that the accessories you’re taking with you, such as containers and cutlery, should be reusable and eco-friendly.

More innovative accessories

Another camping trend for 2021 has been the introduction of even more innovative gear and accessories. In today’s world, everything that serves more than one purpose is considered much more efficient.

This explains why you might have noticed that even more camping accessories in the market serve more than one purpose. This is because they tend to occupy less space when you’re out camping.

Pre-cooked campfire food

When you are preparing for camp, one of the most important aspects that you have to focus on is food. This explains why more people are becoming more creative about the food they eat when they’re out camping. Some campers are even packing gourmet mint chocolates for the sake of Grasshopper S’mores.

Additionally, people are bringing with them retro foil-wrapped campfire meals. This means that you don’t have to cook when you go out camping. You can simply pack pre-cooked meals and enjoy your camping adventure to the fullest.

Rooftop tents

If you haven’t seen any rooftop tents, it might interest you to know that they’re basically tents that are attached to the rack of a vehicle. In order to open them, the camper will only need to unfold the tent on the top of the vehicle and use a ladder to get inside it.

These rooftop tents are great, especially if you don’t want to be bothered by animals or bugs at night. They’re also ideal for those people who do not want to spend more time setting up a tent. This explains why rooftop tents have been predicted to be the next big thing in camping.


Nowadays, instead of people carrying a tent with them to the camping site, they prefer to sleep inside a treehouse. This stands to elevate your camping experience, and you can also live out your childhood dream at the same time.

The best thing about these treehouses is that they have a comfy bed and running water to make things easier for you. You can simply book a treehouse for your camping adventure through various sites, including Airbnb.

Summing up

The above camping trends for 2021 are there to enhance your camping experience and help you make some unforgettable memories. If you’re planning to camp anytime soon, ensure that you refer to the above camping trends, and you might end up having the time of your life. 

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