A Trip Back in Time: How People Talked About A Better Living For Dogs Using CBD Oil 20 Years Ago

The simple truth behind this increasingly popular, all-natural ingredient is that it works. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol is a humble plant found in nature with its plant compounds extracted using safe and natural extraction methods and then used in a multitude of products to assist and aid humans and animals.

What is remarkable about it is that its high level of versatility makes it impossible to resist and be used in so many varying ways from cooked or baked products, beauty creams and wash, or even taken as is, orally. There is something for everyone and the appealing factor of being beneficial for dogs and animals, in general, is that it suits all demographics. 

Your pup.

You may have your routine set in concrete, walking and playing daily with your furball, getting the kids to wash and bathe them, and refreshing water bowls, but when it comes to nutrition and caring for the optimal working of their bodies,  you need to make an effort.

Too many times, simply grabbing the generic brand of dog food off the shelf may seem like the quickest and most convenient, but its long-term effects are helping no one and especially not your four-legged friend. 

You want a food product that is advantageous to your dog’s life and health. Using ingredients that have been ethically grown and sourced, which you can easily read about on the web, and that offer your pet quality rather than quantity, is always the better option.

Always opt for the better ingredient. Many people believe that if they give their dog a huge bowl of supermarket dog foo, it will be enough to sustain them. This is not the case. They end up eating twice as much as needed just to get the nutrients and vitamins needed to feed and fuel their bodies, as opposed to eating less but more nutritional foods. 

As they grow up you change a few ingredients to suit their dietary needs, with older dogs needing less fatty foods for energy and leaner protein and vitamin-rich dishes. If you are not careful with your food choices,  it could land your dog in the overweight or even worse obese category which leads to a whole host of health complications.

A better life.

CBD is also known as Cannabidiol has many positives and brings a lot of benefits to the table if implemented into your pet’s diet. Let us see what some of those are.

  • Anti-inflammatory. Pain is horrible enough to deal with as it is not to mention trying to prevent it, but when inflammation in joints and muscles flare up it seems inevitable. CBD helps reduce friction and build-up between the cartilage joints and thus results in less corrosion and rubbing, your dog’s hips will feel more flexible and supple.

If you are not sure if your dog is experiencing stiffness or inflammation, there are a few signs as mentioned here https://wagwalking.com/condition/inflammation-of-the-joints, which would indicate there could be a problem or underlying issue. 

  • Nausea. It may not be pleasant but it certainly does happen from time to time and more so in older dogs, they may have eaten something that didn’t agree with their stomach or acids causing reflux, either way, CBD has shown to help. A few drops of CBD oil in their dinner meals should keep the episodes at bay.
  • Epilepsy. Yes, dogs also have seizures. They are prone to fits and convulsions just like us, and it is just as upsetting to experience and witness. CBD helps to regulate the pulses sent to and from the brain in the Endocannabinoid system and it is less likely to cause a sudden outburst of pulses that trigger the epilepsy fits.

Food for thought.

There is a food option for all animals, big or small, any and every breed, and it can be given in combination with CBD in some form or the other. An increasingly popular choice has been the new and innovative CBD dog gummies, they are essentially infused into the set jelly and offer a unique texture experience. 

If making your own goodies and snacks sounds fun, but if you are far from dissolving, setting, and infusing CBD into any kind of shape, there are other, easier options. You could simply use the CBD as oil and stir the required dosage for your pet into their meal before you serve dinner, you could soak a few drops into their favorite biscuit treat snack which always goes down as a winner. 

To get you started click here and try some of these beginner, go-to recipes. Once you have the hang of them, you can begin to experiment and broaden your cooking knowledge horizon. No matter what you make, if it is made with love (and ideally CBD in some way), there is no way your dog will say no.

Take a walk in the park, enjoy the sunshine, and as your children play and run around with the dogs, take a quick break and give everyone a much-needed snack treats to refuel, dogs included. The kids will enjoy throwing the biscuits into the air and watching the pups jump in delight trying to catch them.

Family fun.

A home that has kids and dogs is always busy, active, but most importantly filled with priceless memories. If CBD helps your dog to live a longer, healthier life to spend more time with the family, then what are you waiting for?

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