A Root Touch-Up Guide for Grey Hair At Home

Our hair grows half an inch every month. When you get your greys covered or coloured then this is undoubtedly bound to happen after every month or so. You do need a root touch-up because the hair will keep growing. Firstly you will notice two or three and eventually, the whole of your roots will need a touch-up. Mind you, the hair colour in itself also fades along with the hair growth so both these factors contribute. Therefore, here is a root touch-up guide for grey hair at home.

Another negative trait of having a head full of greys is you have to be at it after a couple of weeks or a month religiously relying upon the speed of your hair growth. The look of healthy and beautiful hair constantly needs the attention of touch-ups; you either go to a salon or do it yourself. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or so on, to maintain the conformity of your hair and not have an awkward look please do the touch-ups at home and save huge bucks from a salon. Although if you choose to keep your hair looking like salt and pepper (a term used for people flaunting both black and white hair) that is completely acceptable too, you do you!

root touch-up guide for grey hair at home

We have a full-proof root touch-up guide for grey hair at home where you are saving a few banknotes, and time and being mindful of the genuine nature of the products. 

  • A mascara wand or a kajal

If you can count your greys on your fingers then definitely go for this trick. A good mascara or kajal is a quick fix wand for this reason. Brush away those greys with a black or brown mascara or kajal to give it a Natural Hair colour effect and see how quickly it blends with the rest of your hair. You can hold it in the purse too. Also, do this when you are finally done with your hair and only on the visible ones. 

  • Root cover up hair spray

The cosmetic industry has evolved so much from hair transplant to another quick fix of hair colour spray. It is a last-minute temporary fix and a lot of celebrities use this technique. It covers a larger aspect of greys and gives a natural look. It is like spray paint, it will come off once you shampoo next. Go ahead and paint your greys with blacks/ browns! 

  • Root cover up hair powder

The same logic of hair colour spray is used here but in powder form. This product has flooded the hair market because it is easy, comes in a compact and can be carried in your fanny pack, and is affordable. Some of them offer different colour varieties. It is an eye shadow for your greys!

  • Make a fashion statement with headgear

Either go for a bandana or scarf or hat depending upon the occasion you are going to attend. Not only it is a headgear fashion statement but also you have another quick fix for root touch-ups for grey hair.

  • Natural Hair colour kit

These are semi-permanent hair colour kits that offer you a validity of 30-45 days of no tension root touch-ups. These kits are actually meant to be applied to the roots of your hair and not the lengths. You have to touch up your roots, not the entire length. This works only if you keep the hair colour similar to your natural hair colour. Otherwise, if you have to go lighter from darker hair then choose a professional. Go for products that are free from ammonia, PPD, and peroxide to keep the scalp and hair cuticles healthy. 

Indalo has Natural Hair colour kits that are free from ammonia, PPD, and peroxide; they are also vegan, halal, and cruelty-free. They are completely natural and offer splendid benefits to your scalp and hair cuticles while nourishing and conditioning. It is colouring and conditioning all at once. These hair colour dyes function sufficiently on grey hair. It has to be used at least 2-3 sittings of the colour for fulfilling the accurate colour.

Do not worry because Indalo has five absolutely unique hair colour options to offer and they are:

Natural Hair colour Rose Brown

Natural Hair colour Dark Brown

Natural Hair colour Soft Black

Natural Indigo Powder

Natural Henna Color 
Well, covering your grey hair can be quite a tricky business depending upon the number of greys. Natural Henna Color can be used as a natural hair colour to alter your greys but also to add sustenance and strength to the hair with its anti-inflammatory properties. You will have more nourishing, voluminous hair, well-conditioned, and glossier hair. It is 100% natural hair colour for grey hair and it is the best out there. 

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