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As a manufacturer of granite products, Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc is a wholesaler, retailer, and distributor of granite products. It has filed 1 patent. Spotify, an online music service, allows subscribers to search through a catalog of millions of songs. They can then build their own personal collection playlists and share them with friends and family. Spotify also helps artists promote their careers and offers advertising services. If you are looking for Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc visit this website


Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath, Inc. is a manufacturer of granite products. It also imports and wholesales granite. The company offers services to help its customers design their dream kitchen and bath. They also provide installation services for their customers. The company was founded 18 years ago and employs 16 people in all of its locations. The company is owned by an Asian American woman and focuses on serving the San Leandro area.


As an importer of granite, Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc. is a successful company. This company designs, manufactures and wholesales natural stone products. They also install kitchens and baths. You can view a sample of their work online or request a free copy of their credit report to find out if they are a good candidate for a loan. Currently, the company has one employee.

If you’re looking for a high-quality stone product, look no further than the website of Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc. Located in San Leandro, CA, Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc. offers free shipping and handling. They also offer free remodeling consultations. While you’re there, be sure to check out their online reviews, as many of them have glowing customer testimonials.


If you’re planning a remodel, you’ve probably heard of Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc. Located in San Leandro, CA, this retailer is a trusted masterbrand cabinetry dealer in the area. They also offer remodeling services and free shipping and handling. Read on for more information about the company and the services they offer. This San Leandro retailer offers high-quality countertop epoxy products magazinebucket.

While this retailer is a large wholesaler, manufacturer, and retailer of granite products, it’s best to check out its reputation first before deciding to purchase your countertops from them. They are not only a trusted name in the industry, but also a member of the Better Business Bureau. We were impressed with their customer service and were glad to receive the personalized attention and guidance that we needed. We would highly recommend Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc and will return for future projects.


If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or bath, consider granite countertops by Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath. The company is a wholesaler, importer, and manufacturer of granite products. Not only do they sell granite countertops, but they also design and install kitchen and bath remodels. To learn more about their services, read on. Here are some of their key features. We also recommend them for your kitchen or bath remodel.

First of all, Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc is a California-based business that specializes in countertop epoxy products. It also offers services such as countertop installation and LL flooring. They are members of the Building Finishing Contractors industry, so you’ll be able to get top-notch countertop materials at competitive prices. The company is located in San Leandro, California. They offer free shipping and handling, as well as a free remodeling consultation.

MasterBrand Cabinetry dealer

As a long-standing MasterBrand Cabinetry dealer, Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc. can help you realize your dream kitchen. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, they offer comprehensive design services to make your dream kitchen a reality. With decades of experience in the cabinet business, they know exactly what you need to create a beautiful and functional space.

Women owned

Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc. is a California-based company primarily engaged in Counter Top Installation and Construction – Special Trade Contractors. It was founded in 1996 and has been in operation for 18 years. The company generates revenues of $1.5 million a year and employs 16 people across its various locations. Artistic Stone is a women-owned business. Its founder is an Asian American woman. In addition to domestic and international business operations, Artistic Stone Kitchen & Bath Inc. also engages in importing and exporting activities.

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